Motor Racing Slot

In the world of motor racing slot the biggest event is Formula 1. The season for 2011 has started on March 27, with the first race being held in Melbourne. There are 19 arduous events in the competition for this year and the race will span five continents, with the final and the biggest race scheduled to be held at Sao Paulo, on 7th November. Two prizes will be given after the final race- one for the driver and one for the manufacturer. The driver who is going to have the maximum points will get the Driver's Trophy and the Constructor's Trophy will be awarded to the manufacturer of the car.

Sports and slots have always been strongly connected at the online casinos. Many developers have made motor racing slot games which are actually based on the themes of the sports and the players enjoy betting on these slots. A variety of motor racing slot games are there, which have the theme of driving and automobiles, but two motor racing slot games are there as reflect the theme of racing completely.

The first of the two online motor racing slot games is Good to Go, developed by Microgaming. The race track feeling is provided by the symbols used by the games. The symbols include G2G logo, Formula 1 Cars, Racing Wheel, Checkered Flags and Driver with a helmet. The high value cards have the symbols going from Ace to Seven. Pit Girl is the wild symbol. This is the substitute for all the symbols, except speedometer, which is scatter symbol.

The second motor racing slot game is Green Light. This has been developed by Realtime Gaming. The symbols do not match with Good to Go symbols completely, but they have some similarity. The symbols include champagne bottle, female viewer, racing car and gold trophy. The wild symbol is driver. Scatter symbol are the lights.

Both the motor racing slot games described above have their own sets of rules. But one thing is for sure, that both these games provide an ultimate experience of motor themed slot games. All you need to do is go online and have fun!